Law Firm Digital Marketing 101

Online Marketing Basics For Law Firms

The business associated with practicing law can be compared to just about any other type of business in regards to the “key-ingredient” that results in success. This key element is associated with finding customers that are prepared to pay for these services. There are a variety of people who everyday are searching for services and information related to legal matters, and in most cases, these people use the Internet to gain such information. For the law firms who are looking for a way to build up their existing client base, they need to establish a firm presence on the Internet. Below are a few online marketing basics aimed at lawyers that can assist in maximizing visibility and building their firms.

Twitter Tips

Law may be viewed as a serious type business, and the ideas behind using “Twitter” may seem somewhat silly. However, Twitter is one of those powerful tools that a law firm can you use to establish authority, credibility, and trust. To begin with, the law firm should aim at establishing the company as one of the authorities in the law area and the tweets should always be associated and relevant in association with this area.

However, it is also important to avoid legal jargon that is complicated. The law firm should also take caution on what they share about experiences with the past and current clients and always maintain professionalism in this regard. Recent studies conducted on Twitter that businesses use established a few “best practices” to optimize results. These findings include: avoid tweeting more than four times in a day, the tweets that include links typically are 86% more likely to receive retweets and the engagement on Twitter are much higher on weekends.

Website Tips

Various law websites can be extremely basic on what they offer with a generic copy and design along with limited information. Click here for help doing SEO for your website to allow it to get more visibility. A website that is well-designed and contains quality content and information is often the best opportunity for a newer law firm to stand out from their immediate competition. Other great tips on a law firm website would be to create a FAQ area that will include the more common asked questions when it comes to specific legal matters. These could include “how to choose a good lawyer?” and questions that are associated with the specific field of law that this firm specializes in. Another great way to increase organic search-engine traffic is to provide common legal and contract forms on the website.

Become Listed On The Online Directories

If the law firm has not yet listed their company on the online directories, the business is missing-out on one of the easiest methods to show their business to potential clients. This is because when individuals conduct search terms on a location specific query, the directories will usually display right at the very top of these pages which is exactly where a law firm would want to be in a search. Some of the more popular directories include Merchant Circle,, Yahoo Local and Google Places.